Publishing Fees

Standard ads are non-expiring.

Premium Ad upgrade:
2X size of regular ads with highlighted frame.
Displayed before regular ad listings within categories where Premium ad option is available.
Ad maintains Premium Status/position in listings for 5 days. Once premium ad upgrade expires, the ad returns to regular ad status.
User can choose to purchase the premium upgrade at anytime for any regular ad if the option is available.

Move-To-Top: move regular ad back to the top of ad listings once every 2 hrs where available.
Automatically moves the ad to top once every 2 hrs. This is a per use fee.
Example: if you are actively trying to sell an item within 12 hours, by purchasing 6 “move-to-top” for the item, it will automatically be moved to the top of the category listings
every 2 hours so the item is seen before other similar items in the listings.

Fees are subject to change.

Please see Publishing Guidelines for category definitions and important publishing related information.